Comparing Heuristic Evaluation and Cognitive Psychology

By Dushyant Kanungo

Comparing heuristic evaluation and cognitive psychology

Heuristic design and cognitive principles of design are both approaches to creating user-friendly products and systems. However, they differ in their focus and methods.

Here’s how they are different.

Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic design is a user-centered design approach that focuses on creating products that are easy for users to learn and use. It involves creating a set of guidelines or “heuristics” that designers can use to evaluate and improve the usability of a product.

These heuristics evaluation are based on the common mistakes and problems that users encounter when interacting with a product, and they provide a framework for designers to follow in order to avoid these issues.

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive principles of design, on the other hand, focus on how users process and remember information. They aim to design products and systems that take into account the cognitive limitations and biases of users in order to make them more effective and efficient. These principles are based on research in cognitive psychology and are often used to design products that are easier for users to understand and use.


In summary, the heuristic design focuses on creating user-friendly products by avoiding common mistakes and problems, while cognitive principles of design focus on designing products that are easier for users to understand and use by taking into account their cognitive limitations and biases.

Both approaches are essential in designing products that are effective and efficient for users.

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