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Creating Future of Product Design - Andy Markov - S2 - Episode 7

Andy Markov is the CEO of Within Inc. and a veteran UX executive leader with nearly 30 years of professional experience. Nurturing brands like Ferrari, Citibank, Sony, and L'oreal, Andy is an expert in information architecture and web business. A successful business strategist and angel investor, his heart lies in design thinking, and a lot of brands including NETGEAR and Mastercard have leveraged his insights on how to make their product more accessible, and more user-friendly.

Steve Cleff Podcast

Designing Solutions That Make a Difference - Steve Cleff - S2 - Episode 6

Steve Cleff is a gifted artist eager to develop innovative solutions for end users. From financial futures and workplace connections to breast cancer, he manages cross-functional teams to create elegant and innovative digital solutions that raise the bar. The Senior Director of UX at Comfy, Steve is an accomplished designer and artist whose works have appeared as the posters for several films including Neil Gaiman's Dream Dangerously.

Shannon Kelly Podcast

Embracing the Unicorn Style for Better Product Designs - Shannon Kelly - S2 - Episode 5

Shannon Kelly is a famous UX Designer known to marry business needs, marketing targets, and user-focused goals together. Drawing inspiration from a number of data-driven approaches like analytics and conversion rate optimization, she has helped brands like Fathom, New way and UMC see new horizons of success. A committed volunteer for UXPA Cleveland Board and a consultant for Usborne Books and More, Shannon Kelly is the UX Digital Strategist at Overdrive.

Kevin Tuskey's Podcast

Prioritizing the user in UX - Kevin Tuskey - S2 - Episode 4

Kevin Tuskey is an award-winning product designer with over 15 years of experience in creating clean and elegant user interfaces. Strategic thinking and problem-solving come naturally to him, making him one of the most promising design leaders in the world. Meet Kevin Tuskey, the Director of Design at SingleStone.

Jessica Robison's Podcast

Research is the Recipe for a Good Design -Jessica Robison - S2 - Episode 3

Jessica Robison is the Product Design Leader at Tamr and is a pro at providing digital design solutions for data-driven enterprises. Her work in the retail and lifestyle sector nurtures her in-depth understanding of user preferences, thus making her a deft designer who is always ready for challenges. An advocate of civil rights and animal welfare, Jessica has raised the benchmark for domains like client management and data science.

Florentin Hortopan podcast

Design tells the story of the future - Florentin Hortopan - S2 - Episode 2

Florentin Hortopan is not a conventional design leader. Converting diverse skills to achieve success in digital design, he has redefined design strategies for cross-brand platforms, including Airbnb, GoPro, and Apple. Developing the human experience from component design to CMS design, Florentin is the Assistant Director of UX at Critical Mass. And to our surprise, he is an equally competent rhinoceros master and teacher.

April Starr

UX for All – Making Design a Public Utility - April Starr - S2 - Episode 1

April Starr, the Director of Experience Research at Motorola Solutions, is creating an impact on public safety with her insight-driven designs. A faculty at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute of Design, April has developed to help cancer patients deal with their medical conditions. An altruist at heart, April is a problem-solver who loves to take complex challenges to come up with exciting and efficient design solutions.

Fonz Morris

Growth Design: A holistic approach to Product Design - Fonz Morris - S1 - Episode 8

Fonz Morris, the Lead Product Designer at Netflix, is enthusiastic about designing engaging, inspiring, and attractive experiences for people. He has worked with some of the most well-known companies in the world, including Coursera, Comcast, ESPN, and High 5 Games. He is a mentor, a DEI Advocate, a speaker, an advisor, an entrepreneur, and a self-taught designer.

Neal Foard

Importance of Authenticity in Branding - Neal Foard - S1 - Episode 7

On this episode of UX Banter, we chat with Neal Foard who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Within Inc. He is an eloquent storyteller, a TED Talk Speaker, a creative thinker, and a strategic marketer.

Jawid Elyacy

The Right Approach to UX Designing- Jawid Elyacy - S1 - Episode 6

Jawid Elyacy is a Senior Product Designer at Deloitte and has worked with some of the world’s most beloved brands such as Cisco, Mercedes-Benz, Bank of America and many more. He has over 10 years of experience in domains like automotive, IT, enterprise, web, banking, etc., as a UX designer.

Tim Rosenberg

UX for Web 3.0 and the Metaverse- Tim Rosenberg - S1 - Episode 5

Tim Rosenberg is the Senior Product Designer | TEKsystems at Meta. Tim believes that with collaboration and vision, extraordinary things can be accomplished. He is a creative designer, technical developer, and also a mentor for the creative community. His specialties include, Product Design, UX&UI Design, Frontend Development, HTML5, CSS3, and SASS.

Alp Turgut

A Designer's Guide to Working in Tech - Alp Turgut - S1 - Episode 4

In this episode our host Dushyant Kanungo sat down with our guest Alp Turgut, UX/UI Design Lead & Creative Director of ArtX Design Studio. He has vast experience in the field and has worked with well-known companies like Nike, Atlassian, Rolls-Royce, Salesforce, O2, Zalando, and many more. He is a speaker, mentor, consultant, and an award-winning creative freelancer.

Daniel Buzzo

The Actual Interaction Design is Underneath! - Daniel Buzzo - S1 - Episode 3

Daniel Buzzo is the professor of Interaction Design at CODE University, Berlin. Interestingly enough, Daniel makes art with machines. From writing books, blogs, films, filmography, photography, design research to sculpture art, he is a master of all with a dynamic personality.

Fergus Roche

A Holistic Experience - Beyond UX and CX - Fergus Roche - S1 - Episode 2

Fergus Roche, Design Director at Valtech is our guest today. Fergus strives to lead change with user-centric design. He is a master of many domains helping organizations to research, innovate, and enable a digital transformation through user-centered design. An excellent problem solver and a critical thinker.

Felix Lee

Design is about Understanding Different Complexities - Felix Lee - S1 - Episode 1

Felix Lee is our very first guest on the UX Banter Podcast. Felix is the Co Founder at ADPList having a vision to inspire powerful conversations and collaborations among members of the design community.