Project overview

Simplifying business management and customer experience through
exceptional UX.

Perfecting the big data application with an interface that complements our customer’s vision.
JOLT Communications onboarded Galaxy to help them refurbish their Orbiits website- a website that caters to people in the healthcare industry with all the information they need about KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in the field of medical science. The platform would help them get meaningful information about KOLs as well book appointments with them easily.


When we were first introduced to Orbiits, it was still in nascent stages being just a black-and-white application violating the usability benchmarks. We recommended a complete UX overhaul, so it can be transformed into a usable, data-rich goldmine for HCPs that the founders envisioned. Here’s the list of challenges that were ahead of us.

  • Being a typical big data application, properly categorize and present data for KOLs

  • Amalgamate all the different filters available into one and place it centrally

  • Design new features using data vis. techniques to gain a competitive advantage

  • Ease the appointment booking process for HCP personnel as it’s a day-to-day task


We were thrilled to design the experience for Orbiits, and we moved step by step as a UX team to reach the solution desired. First, we started by understanding what the application does and what the mental model of the target audience is. Once we figured that out, we sorted the IA for the application and then moved to sketch the wireframes. We went through multiple iterations to get the data representation correct and sort the filters for the application.
After the seal of approval on the wireframes from the JOLT team, we prepared a style guide and embarked upon creating the hi-fi mockups for Orbiits. The shade of Dark cyan went well across the application - providing the application with a clean, minimalistic, and calming look.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and execution

User Flow

We thoroughly understood our typical user’s mental model

Information Architecture

Organizing and structuring content to enhance usability and findability.

Website wireframe

Developing a visual representation of the website
structure and features.

Final Web screen’s

An attractive,
intuitive, accessible, and usable
design for Web


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