What Makes Netflix So Popular? A Deep Dive Into Its Product Design Process

By Galaxy UX Studio

product design process

Ever wondered who are the people behind the seamless experience we have while using Netflix? Or thought about what goes on under the hood of this entertainment powerhouse? Well, we’ve got an exclusive treat for you.

Get ready to explore behind the scenes of this streaming giant that has captured our hearts and countless hours of our lives. Yes, we’re talking about the world’s largest streaming platform!

In our podcast episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Netflix’s lead product designer, Fonz Morris who spilled the beans on the fascinating world of product design at Netflix. Not only did our guest reveal the inner workings of the design process at Netflix but also how the team works to strike a perfect balance between design, engineering, and business. Buckle up and get ready to uncover the secrets of Netflix’s success straight from its design mastermind!

The Product Design Process at Netflix

According to Fonz, the product development process at Netflix can be quite complex, especially considering that each project is unique. As a product design team, they establish strategic goals for larger projects, which serve as their guiding principles. These goals are detailed but not overly intricate. Their growth team then collaborates with product managers to understand and define the problem at hand. Together, they brainstorm potential solutions and form hypotheses around what might work best.

However, before implementing any changes on a global scale, they conduct rigorous testing, often using A/B tests to gather reliable data and metrics. This allows them to make informed decisions and ensures that they’re moving in the right direction.

Once they’ve analyzed the results and confirmed the effectiveness of their solution, they plan a gradual rollout, taking into account the scale of Netflix’s user base and the importance of maintaining a smooth transition. By embracing a phased approach, the team prioritizes the safety and success of their customers’ experience.

The X Factor: What Makes Netflix Different?

What makes Netflix so successful today is that for them, design is not merely an afterthought or a superficial layer to make things look better. Instead, design and engineering work hand in hand as equal partners. The aim is to create a successful product through collaborative efforts, where both teams contribute to finding innovative solutions.

“I think one of the reasons why Netflix as a platform is so successful is there’s this really strong intersection and collaboration between the design team and the engineering team”, says Fonz.

This mindful collaboration between the design and engineering teams is what translates into an exceptional UX, intuitive UI, and widespread user adoption of the Netflix platform.

Growth Design: Where Business Meets Design

Growth design at Netflix is the convergence of business and design, with a strong emphasis on measuring the business impact of design decisions. While some product designers may primarily focus on UX and UI, as a growth designer, the focus extends beyond aesthetics. It involves understanding the desired metrics, revenue implications, and overall success of a feature or product. Collaborating with the team, analyzing test specifications, and working closely with data scientists are essential in aligning hypotheses with business goals.

In the past, the design was limited to launching websites and creating logos, but now, at data-driven companies like Netflix, growth designers utilize data alongside business objectives, user research, and user experience to drive decision-making. Having a growth design mindset encompasses the entire design process, from inception to analysis, optimization, and iteration. As a growth designer, the responsibilities go beyond traditional design, requiring a comprehensive understanding of various aspects generally overlooked.

Final Thoughts

In this delightful conversation, we got to uncover a lot of interesting insights about how things move design-wise at Netflix, their success mantra, and some valuable career advice from Fonz along with surprising facts about him (did you know he’s not really into watching movies, ironic right?).

Tune in to the full episode to discover more about Fonz’s journey as a self-taught designer, his experience at Netflix, his favorite book, his favorite holiday destination, and a lot more!

Growth Design: A holistic approach to Product Design — Fonz Morris

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