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Project overview

Simplifying business management and customer experience through
exceptional UX.

From pioneering research to innovative vaccines and therapies, our customers are transforming medicine and saving lives. Now, Cytiva and Pall Life Sciences are joining forces to best support this vital work. As one company, we offer the tools, depth, breadth, and scale the life science community needs to work better, faster, and smarter. Let’s advance the next generation of therapeutics from discovery to delivery, together.


An easy to use interface, ushering their internal teams to understand prospects’ background, challenges, goals and the ways you can help meet them. The portal to be designed is one of its kind and we had several challenges ahead of us.

  • Absence of research data, no supportive qualitative / quantitative or buyer’s journey data to begin with

    • Some terminologies of the idea coincided with the standard UX process — this created ambiguity

      • Vague understanding of the IA provided by the Brandigo team

        • This was a new concept, so gaining momentum in the proceedings was difficult

          • Conceptualize data management on the portal, make user personas, and more

            • Design the interface such that it enables client's internal teams to keep the brand voice intact and maintain a unified experience across global campaigns


We were thrilled to design the experience for the “persona portal”, and we moved step by step as a UX team to reach the solution desired.

  • We did the needful research and started with creating buyer personas, user stories, and empathy maps

    • Created user task flows & paper sketches in the ideation phase and moved to wireframes (responsive) & prototyping later on

      • Tweaked wireframes for better UX after contemplating with the Brandigo team

        • Went the extra mile by creating an alternative option for UI designs of the portal

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and execution

User persona

Understanding the target users to inform design decisions.

Information Architecture

Organizing and structuring content to enhance usability and findability.

Mobile wireframe

Creating a blueprint of the mobile app layout and

Website wireframe

Creating a blueprint of the mobile app layout and

Final Web screen’s

An attractive,
intuitive, accessible, and usable
design for Web


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