NETGEAR Smart Switch

Revamping NETGEAR's Smart Switch Local GUI

  • UI & UX Design
  • Sketch Tool
  • Web Portal

Project overview

Our team played a pivotal role in strategizing, designing, and executing a comprehensive revamp of NETGEAR's Smart Switch local GUI application. By focusing on UI and UX enhancements, we improved the overall user experience, creating a visually unified design system across platforms. Our approach involved constructing an ideal information architecture, integrating client feedback, and offering light and dark theme variations. The result was a transformed solution that aligned with NETGEAR's brand voice and incorporated the latest UX trends.

Information Architecture

Enhancing user flow and
content organization for intuitive


Creating visual representations
of key interface elements and
user interactions.

design system

A unified visual language
with defined styles, components,
and guidelines.

Design System - Netgear Smart Switch

Final Web Designs

Implementing refined UI
designs based on the approved

2 different themes

Offering two distinct visual styles for a
personalized experience.

Mobile Responsive

Ensuring a seamless user experience on
mobile devices.


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