Revitalizing memories through Meural’s IoT-basedweb & mobile solution.

UI & UX Design Figma Tool Mobile App

Project overview

New feature additions and aesthetics refresh for
the Meural app.

Meural is a digital canvas that sits on the wall and brings procured art playlists, animations, and custom pictures slideshows to life with its amazing digital experience.Here’s how we refreshed the user experience of the Meural companion app.


Meural canvas is usually regulated by the Meural companion app. The idea was to socialize the canvas by adding new features, refreshing the aesthetics, and eliminating the UX inefficiencies.

  • The current app’s interface had too much clutter and multiple design elements competed to attract the user's attention simultaneously.

  • One of the key functionalities of the app that lets users send photos from the phone to display over the canvas was a bit complex.

  • There was no clear distinction between what’s free & what’s paid stuff. This has irked the Meural users for a long time.

  • There were external links opening within the app which caused confusion & frustration, tappable elements didn’t seem so.


Galaxy started with the basics and did a thorough heuristic evaluation of the existing Meural app. We used the “How Might We” exercise to look for solutions to problems discovered, and then moved on to creating wireframes as per the user stories.
In the ideation stage, we carefully ruminated over the placement of each & every design element over all the screens to reduce existing design clutter. By the end of the exercise, we were left with wireframes that transitioned into a simple, aesthetic UI for the app.
Feature integrations - The 'socializing feature' that lets users add peers into playlists is designed effortless and stimulating, thereby motivating users to perform the intended action. Meural app would now allow users to censor content, easily personalize things, and more.
Galaxy eliminated the other UX issues and simplified the app, providing users with a rich experience overall.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and

Information Architecture

Organizing and structuring
content to enhance usability and


Developing a visual representation
of the mobile app's
structure and features.


Designing visually appealing icons to enhance user .
understanding and navigation.


Documenting design guidelines for color, typography, and other
visual elements.

Final App screens

Showcasing the polished visual
design and user interface
for the mobile app.


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