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Project overview

Encouraging and simplifying crowdfunding through easy and
exceptional UX.

Chariot is a crowdfunding platform bringing together charitable organizations and donors. Chariot wanted to build a web and mobile application enabling organizations to create campaigns and raise funds from donors. The intent behind this application is to instill transparency and ascertain donors that their donations are being put to the right use.


The team encountered several challenges while working on the project, which were crucial to address in order to ensure the delivery of the right solution. Establishing effective communication channels was essential to gain a thorough understanding of the application requirements and client expectations. Clear and consistent information flow and user navigation were also key considerations to enhance the user experience. Understanding and defining different user types and their roles played a significant role in tailoring the application to their specific needs. Finally, the team diligently defined a permitted set of actions for each user type to prevent any confusion or overlapping functionality.


After understanding the project requirements, we developed a clear roadmap for the Discovery, Define, and Design phases, aiming to complete the project within eight weeks. We conducted user research sessions to gather insights on user types, needs, and problems. Based on this research, we defined Personas and User stories. To ensure smooth navigation, we curated Information Architectures, Task Flows, and User journey maps. Moving forward, we created Lo-Fi wireframes that underwent iterations based on client feedback. Once finalized, we proceeded with Hi-Fi mock-ups and prototypes, following the client's brand guidelines. Finally, we crafted a feasible and intuitive UI design for Chariot's web and mobile application, ready for usability testing and approval.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and

User persona

Understanding the target users to
inform design decisions.

Information Architecture

Organizing and structuring content to
enhance usability and findability.


Creating a blueprint of the mobile app and website layout and


With a thorough understanding of the target users and regular interactions with The Curtain Company’s team, we were able to complete the Discovery phase for this project successfully.

We were able to accomplish this by conducting a comprehensive research process to prepare a thorough competitor analysis report, identified user types, user stories, user persona, identified modules, and created user flows.


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