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The major challenges our team had to overcome in order to stay on the right track and deliver the right solution were:

  • To establish a communication channel with the Kolony team and gain proper understanding of the requirements and expectations of the application.

  • To create a clear, consistent, and suitable style guide.

  • To understand different user types and define their roles.

  • To design distinct information flows, wireframes, and user task flows for each user type.

  • To strictly define a permitted set of actions for each user type to avoid any confusion and overlaps.


After gaining a thorough understanding of the project and its deliverables, we laid out a clear roadmap for the Discovery, Define, and Design phases. We aimed to cover all three phases of the project in a timeline of seven weeks. The initial stages consisted of preparing information architectures and user task flows for all six user types. Based on this understanding, wireframes and the left navigation pane were designed. A complete style guide was created from scratch complementing the brand voice. Ultimately, UI design mockups went through several iterations as per client feedback to give us a final UI design which was approved and handed over for development.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and

Information Architecture

Organizing and structuring
content to enhance usability and


Creating a blueprint of the
website layout and


Documenting design guidelines for color, typography, and
other visual elements.

Design components

Creating reusable design elements for
consistency and efficiency.

Final web screen’s

An attractive,
intuitive, accessible, and usable
design for web

UI Design of Kolony


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