The Curtain Company

Creating UX solutions
for window
treatment and
drapery brand

Project overview

Simplifying business management and
customer experience through
exceptional UX.

The Curtain Company is a window treatment, drapery hardware, and fabric company that follows a B2C and B2B business model. The company wishes to undergo a complete rebranding cycle to enhance its online presence by creating a customer-centric solution. It wants to be a one-stop interior design destination for custom and ready-made curtains as well as other window treatments.

Galaxy carried out a Discovery phase to give the right direction and lay a conceptual foundation for the rebranding exercise that The Curtain Company wishes to execute. The aim is to ultimately create a solution that allows people the freedom to customize the products they need and have a satisfactory experience with The Curtain Company.

The challenges

The project presented several challenges for Galaxy as it had numerous key aspects to be taken care of. We approached it by carrying out an extensive research process for the discovery phase. The main challenges are listed below:

  • Understanding the business model, requirements and project goals of The Curtain Company.

  • Analysis of potential competitors on different aspects to get valuable insights into their products, services and overall web presence.

  • Identification of modules to define the suitable features and functionalities of the platform.

  • Building user stories around the identified user types so as to understand their expectations from the platform.


The project, The Curtain Company gave our team freedom to explore different strands to come up with the a set of solution for the various challenges listed above.

  • Competitor Analysis: It gave insight into recent trends and what other businesses are doing in similar fields.

  • User Persona : It helped in identifying the potential user types so that the design is more user-centric and benifits the user.

  • Module Identification: It clearified different aspects of functionalities required for better user experience.

  • User Stories: It helped in understanding the potential user and its goals, around which the designing will be curated.

  • User Flows : It helped us understand how a potential user will navigate through a website to achieve their goal.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and

competitor analysis

where you identify major competitors and
research their products, sales, andmarketing strategies.





User persona

Consistent sequence of process from
research to final delivery for better
UX experience

Drapery Brand

user flow

The user flow takes them from their entry point through a set of steps towards a successful outcome and final action, such as purchasing a product.


With a thorough understanding of the target users and regular interactions with The Curtain Company’s team, we were able to complete the Discovery phase for this project successfully.

We were able to accomplish this by conducting a comprehensive research process to prepare a thorough competitor analysis report, identified user types, user stories, user persona, identified modules, and created user flows.


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