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Zen Habitats wanted Galaxy to redesign its existing website and upgrade the store to Shopify 2.0 while seamlessly integrating the experience with the Shopify checkout process. Galaxy aimed at providing a design that effectively incorporates all the plugins’ data in an easy and coherent way in a fixed timeline of five weeks.

  • Revamping the old and antiquated design of the website into a newer one which appeals to the users of the 21st century.

  • Streamlining the process of building custom habitats on the website to make the experience more interactive and intuitive.

  • Introducing a consistent style of photos and graphics used on the website to enhance the aesthetics of the website.

  • Properly organize the information such as articles, videos, etc., as per its relevancy to educate the user on the website.


Galaxy approached this project by drawing key insights from the web analytics report to understand the user behavior and list down key areas of improvement. In the first week, we aimed at completing the requirement gathering from the Zen Habitat team to gain a consolidated understanding of the project goals.

Based on our findings, we started curating the Information Architecture and designing Lo-Fi wireframes. Having gained a thorough understanding of Zen Habitat as a brand, we defined a style guide that included its brand colors, UI elements such as primary/secondary buttons, and more. Once the wireframes and style guide was ready, we began designing the hi-fi responsive interface for the website.

The design underwent a couple of iterations as per Zen Habitat’s feedback to finally get a design that resonated with them. We handed off the final assets to the development team and extended our support in the development phase of the website.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and


Documenting design guidelines for color, typography, and other
visual elements.


Designing visually appealing icons to enhance user
understanding and navigation.

Information Architecture

Organizing and structuring content to enhance usability and
find ability.

web wireframe

Creating a blueprint of the
website layout and

Final web screen’s

An attractive,
intuitive, accessible, and usable
design for web


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