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Project overview

Simplifying business management and customer experience through
exceptional UX.

Stash helps you make the most of available kitchen ingredients.It comes up with great recipe suggestions for the items you've. Also,it helps you keep a track of your kitchen inventory.


Team Galaxy was asked to design the UI for both the users and the Stash admin portal. Since this was fairly a new idea, there were several challenges.

  • Grab the complete concept of how culinary apps work and what users expect.

  • Fix issues with the wireframes that were presented by the client.

  • Include features of meal restrictions, locked/unlocked items, etc. without overwhelming users.


The Stash team let us know their expectations from the app and presented us with initial wireframes. Here's how we went about designing the meal-planning app.

  • We checked how contemporary apps are working and took notes on what needed improvement.

  • We tweaked placements of the UI elements for a better overall UX.

  • Features included so users can track inventory, manage shopping lists, and check meal ideas.

  • Users can also put in dietary preferences, add meals to the meal queue, lock dietary items that are used regularly, etc.

  • The admin portal encompassed features to manage users, send emails to users, etc.

Project timeline

Consistent sequence of process from research to final delivery for better UX experience

Information Architecture

Consistent sequence of process from research to final delivery for better UX experience


Wireframe designs for a accurate
user experience


We love building
design systems that are robust and

Design components

Creating a visual language
that represents the brand and gives a
cohesive user experience.

Final App screen’s

An attractive,
intuitive, accessible, and usable
design for App


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