Streamlining the UX of an enterprise-level trading platform

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Project overview

Simplifying trading through seamless and efficient enterprise UX.

The banking platform provides investment servicing, management, research, and trading services to institutional investors worldwide. Headquartered in Boston, it is the second-oldest continually operating bank in the United States. Galaxy collaborated with the enterprise bank to enhance the user experience of their widely used trading platform.


Galaxy was tasked to enhance the UX of enterprise bank’s trading platform by simplifying existing user flows, modifying functionalities, and incorporating new features for better usability. The key challenges lying ahead of our design team were understanding the technical terminologies used in the world of trading and efficient communication with key stakeholders and traders coming from different parts of the world to avoid any gaps in understanding the requirements. The team made conscious efforts to make sure they understood the product, its target users, and the expectations of the stakeholders to offer the best solution possible.


We initiated the project with onboarding training to gain a technical understanding of the existing product. Numerous meetings with key stakeholders further clarified the processes involved and the terminology used. Work commenced after discussions on workflows and design, resulting in a light and dark version of the color palette and typography. Then, we crafted user flows and wireframes and designed screens as per the requirement. Following this, user testing sessions with traders and stakeholders (from APAC, Boston/London) provided deeper insights into what works and what needs to change. Our team took notes and iterated the designs accordingly coming to the final versions. Overall, we have delivered 90+ wireframes and designed 130+ screens (unique + redesigned) for different features along with trader’s session understanding documents.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and


Defining the color palette,
typography, and other
visual components.

Final UI screens

Improved UX through better user understanding and effective
design solutions.

Locate Widget UI

Pre-Locate Widget UI

Term Widget

Loan Book


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