Brain Gym

Brain Health Monitoring:

Project overview

Simplifying business management and
customer experience through
exceptional UX.

Brain Gym wishes to create a platform which extends human help to those in need. With Galaxy's help, Brain Gym has laid out a proper foundation for the solution by working on its discovery phase and defining the problem, identifying user needs, and ideating a fitting solution. Because when pointed at the right problem, data analytics solution have the power to change human lives for better.


Brain Gym required an extensive application that could ensure proper coverage of an employee’s mental, physical, and spiritual health and offer constant human guidance and support when in need. This required having a comprehensive understanding of the technicalities involved as well as the needs, and pain points of the different sets of users this solution is intended to be made for.


Galaxy approached this project by taking an in-depth understanding of the solution and its features from the stakeholders. Based on this understanding, we delineated a process to discover, define, and document the requirements and user needs. We then offered appropriate solution which helps user track and analyse focus areas to improve further. The processes and methodologies of how the solution utilizes big data and analytics to improve quality of life are discussed in the sections below.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and

User persona

Understanding the target users to
inform design decisions.

Information Architecture

Organizing and structuring content
to enhance usability and findability.


Creating a blueprint of the
mobile app layout and