Solution for drivers to manage their vehicles

EV Driver management app

UX & UI Design Figma Tool Mobile App

Project overview

Embracing green automobile revolution through exceptional UX

B-ON is a Driver Management App allowing drivers to access vehicle details, receive alerts, track performance, earn badges, and connect with fellow drivers through chat. Simplify the vehicle selection process and keep all your details in one place. Get timely maintenance alerts and stay updated on important events.Improve driving skills with the scorecard feature and earn badges.Scan for defects, perform vehicle checks, and connect with a community of drivers.


The project presented several challenges for Galaxy as it had numerous key aspects to be taken care of. We approached it by carrying out an extensive research process for the discovery phase. The main challenges are listed below:

  • Understanding the business model, requirements and project goals of BON_Driver APP

  • Analysis of potential competitors on different aspects to get valuable insights into their products, services.

  • As the product is developed from the ground up, we have sought more data and understanding.

  • Creating user stories to understand expectations, pain points, and preferences, enabling empathetic design and development for heightened user satisfaction.


The B-ON Driver App gave our team the freedom to explore different strands, to come up with the a set of solutions for the various challenges listed above.

    • User Stories: User stories aid in understanding drivers' needs and goals, guiding a user-centric design approach.

    • This involves analyzing features necessary for the app to meet driver needs, like vehicle details and performance tracking.

    • The business model defines revenue generation, guiding decisions on value proposition and monetization strategies.

    • To help in understanding the potential user and its goals, around which the designing will be curated.

    • To help us understand how a potential user will navigate through a App to achieve their goal.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and execution

Information Architecture

Organizing and structuring content to enhance usability and findability.

Style guide

We love building
design systems that are robust and


Creating icon sets that sre versatile and

Design components

Creating a visual language
that represents the brand and gives a
cohesive user experience.

Final Mobile screens

Showcasing the polished visual design and user interface
for the mobile app


Developing prototypes that prioritize adaptability and sustainability

Testing Phase

Conducting user testing to ensure adaptability and 


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