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Project overview

Mask Group - Netgear Orbi Pro
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The project focused on enhancing the UX UI of NETGEAR's Orbi Pro Local GUI (Graphic User Interface), a device configuration web admin panel for Orbi routers & extenders. The aim was to analyze the existing challenges, identify key issues, and provide redesign solution to create an attractive, optimized, and mobile-responsive designs.

Scope of work

A Roadmap to success and
improved UX.

Scope of work

Information Architecture

Reimagined the information layout for better navigation and task flow.

Information Architecture


Visualizing and validating the initial
redesign concept.

design system

A cohesive and scalable
design system that maintains

Design System - Netgear Smart Switch

Final Web Designs

Creating polished and user-friendly
web designs focusing on enhancing the
overall user experience.

3 different themes

Presenting three distinct visual
themes catering to different user
visual preferences.

Mobile Responsive UI

Optimizing Orbi Pro's UX for mobile
responsiveness and accessibility.


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