Elevating user experience & boosting conversions& boosting conversions

Revamping the TDM website

UX / UI Design Figma Tool Website

Affinity Mapping

Organizing insights into actionable patterns for
informed design decisions.

We categorized and grouped related insights, pain points, and ideas into distinct themes or clusters. By visually representing the data in this way, we were able to identify patterns, prioritize key issues, and generate actionable insights.

Card Sorting

Uncovering user mental models to enhance the
information architecture.

We conducted card sorting to refine the website's information architecture, categorizing content to understand user organization patterns. Analyzing these results helped us optimize navigation and content organization for a more intuitive user experience.

Persona Mapping

Crafting user personas to guide
design decisions.

We created user personas from interview data to represent the ideal website user.

Journey Mapping

Illustrating user experiences to identify pain points and
enhance user interactions.

To identify where we might improve, we created a visual depiction based on multiple user journeys across every touchpoint of the website.

User Stories

Capturing user needs and tasks to drive iterative
product development.

To keep the project user-centric and foster a shared vision, we created user stories based on our findings and real-life experiences.

Information Architecture 

Structuring and organizing content for intuitive
navigation and understanding.

The information architecture served B2B, B2C, and general users, streamlining complex data for B2B stakeholders and offering a seamless experience for B2C. Clear labels and a hierarchical structure simplified navigation, reducing cognitive load. A robust search feature with filters enabled quick information retrieval, optimizing user experience for all groups.

Wireframing and layout

Translating ideas into visual blueprints for

UI design (WEB)

Crafting visually appealing interfaces for

Designed the final UI design for the website and its responsive mobile version. The new design focuses on being a clean, in-brand, informational, and usable interface.

UI design (Mobile)