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Project overview

Simplifying business management and customer experience through
exceptional UX.

This project required refreshing the UX for the B2B retail major. Staples business advantage Canada deliver bulk office supplies to businesses across Canada through their B2B portal called


The existing website had loads of UX issues that came in the way of the website's smooth performance. Here are the major problems with the existing B2B e-commerce platform.

  • The checkout process & other vital flows were cumbersome and resulted in reduced conversions.

  • Being an old website, the UI looked dull, bland, and old.

  • The website wasn’t accessible over mobiles & tablets due to outdated code.

  • Glimpses of Staples’ brand identity was visible at some places but wasn’t consistent across the visual style of the site.

The issues would have resulted in potential business loss if left unaddressed for too long. Staples realized this and acted promptly by onboarding Galaxy to help them with the situation.


In the initial stages of the project, Galaxy created designs & user flows based on the user stories provided. As the project progressed, we started suggesting crucial tweaks that could enhance the overall UX. Suggestions made were liked by Staples, and they wanted us to assist them completely with designing the experience.

This was a component delivery-based project originally scheduled for a duration of six weeks. We simplified the checkout process for users, overhauled the homepage, and delivered design options for various viewports. We also improved UX & UI for components that are vital for a B2B e-commerce store, namely group order, order management system, and shopping list management. We created a style guide for Staples along the way, too.

Staples acknowledged the level of support & wanted to collaborate even more, so they extended the number of deliverables to forty which were initially six. This resulted in an extension of the project by twenty-two weeks.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and execution


We love building
design systems that are robust and

Design components

Creating a visual language
that represents the brand and gives a
cohesive user experience.

Final web screen’s

An attractive,
intuitive, accessible, and usable
design for App

Final Mobile screen’s

Showcasing the polished visual design and user interface
for the mobile app.


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