Creating an immersive luxury travel booking experience

Landing page Design for LTH

UX & UI Design Figma Tool Web & Mobile Landing Page

Project overview

Hassle-free travel planning
and booking experience for Luxury Travel Hackers

Our project focused on enhancing the user experience (UX) of LTH’s travel booking website offering hotel and tour reservations. The aim was to make the platform more user-friendly and intuitive for travelers planning their trips.


The original website faced usability issues, particularly during the booking and payment. Users found the flows confusing and encountered difficulties in completing bookings for hotels and cruises.

This complexity led to frustration and hindered the platform's effectiveness in facilitating smooth transactions.


To address these challenges, we created separate flows for hotel and yacht bookings, tailoring each to the specific needs of users in those categories. We simplified the overall booking process, removing unnecessary steps to make it more straightforward and user-friendly. Our focus extended beyond usability to encompass a cohesive and engaging experience for users, ensuring consistency in visual design and branding. We developed a style guide and design system to maintain visual consistency across the platform, facilitating collaboration between designers and developers.

Through these efforts, we successfully transformed the travel booking website into a more intuitive and visually appealing platform, enhancing the overall user experience for travelers.

Project timeline

A journey of collaboration and execution

Style guide

We love building
design systems that are robust and

Design system

Creating a visual language
that represents the brand and gives a
cohesive user experience.

Final web screens

An attractive,
intuitive, accessible, and usable
design for web.

Final Mobile screens

Showcasing the polished visual design and user interface
for the mobile app.


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