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We are a UX design agency, the design arm of Galaxy Weblinks Inc., harnessing the power of 500+ seasoned professionals and creative thinkers.


Stakeholder interviews
One-on-one conversations with people with vested interest and resources in the product's success.
Brand guidelines
A rule book that defines all the visual aspects of your brand such as the logo, font, color scheme, brand voice, illustrations, pictures, etc.
Competitor evaluation
A thorough assessment of your competitor's strengths and weaknesses to identify growth opportunities.
Heuristic Evaluation - on existing solution
An expert evaluation of the design based on industry-defined guidelines to identify design usability issues.
Data Analytics - on existing solution
Diving deep into data to uncover insights on the performance, engagement, and conversion rates of your website/service.
Accessibility Audit - on existing solution
Examining compliance with accessibility standards and suggesting improvements to make your product more accessible.